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Planning an event in stunning Switzerland and need a partner on the ground? Look no further. We provide expert advice and onsite support for events, travel and leisure activities in Switzerland. Between our picture-perfect setting and our perfectionist tendencies, your event is sure to be a resounding Swiss-style success.

Want your participants to tell everyone about your event, for all the right reasons? And a smooth, stress-free experience for everyone involved – yourself included? Switzerland, and our services, have the answer.

Choose Switzerland for your event and say yes to chocolate-box scenery and infrastructure that runs like a precision watch. Futuristic conference centres that bristle with state of the art technology. Log cabins, deep in the forest, that are the perfect place to shrug off the office routine and bring out the can-do spirit in your team.


Your participants demand as much from the social programme as they do from the speaker agenda, so they’ll feel right at home in Switzerland.

Take them hiking or riding cable cars through the peaks; sip Swiss wine while cruising on a crystalline alpine lake, or ski on the immaculate slopes. They’ll love unwinding at the end of the day in a lavish spa or sampling the après ski scene. Or head out to elegant cities like Zurich and Geneva, whose noble boutiques and upscale restaurants take luxury to new heights.

Switzerland means huge experiences in one small country. Let Aha! Events open the door to them all.





As a cultural meeting point in the heart of Europe, Switzerland’s way of life is all about respecting differences while celebrating what is uniquely Swiss. There’s the French-style wine culture, a Germanic sense of decorum and the Italian propensity to linger over a cappuccino in a sun-drenched village square. United by their love of nature and desire to protect it, the Swiss are the recycling champions of Europe. They love their traditions, too, like the sports of bobsleigh and tobogganing, and the folk music to be heard echoing around the flower-filled alpine villages.


But Swiss culture means constantly pushing the boundaries and creating new and quirky art forms. Check out the contemporary art on show at Art Basel every year, for example, or head into Zurich to explore the blossoming design scene and sample the hip bars and restaurants that are popping up amid the city’s industrial quarter.


Switzerland is an inspiring blend of old and new. Let Aha! Events be your cultural guide.



There’s a lot more to Switzerland than the classic chocolate and cheese stereotypes. With the mighty Alps covering around 65% of the country, you’ll notice Switzerland’s jaw-dropping scenery before your flight has even landed. Being Europe’s most mountainous country has fostered a remarkable can-do attitude among its multilingual, multicultural population. As you whizz between Switzerland’s cosmopolitan cities on the excellent public transport system, you’ll understand why the Swiss are so proud of its infrastructure and punctuality. And with few natural raw materials, Switzerland has become a nation of born inventors and leaders. Velcro, cellophane, the potato peeler and Helvetica font were all born in Switzerland, and with more invested per capita in pure research and new technologies than any other country, the innovations keep coming.

All in all, it is no surprise that many large companies and organisations choose Switzerland as a base for their business.

Switzerland is a naturally perfect place for business. Let Aha! Events make the introductions for you.




A diverse nation for thousands of years, it’s no wonder that Switzerland is home to an exciting and vibrant music scene. The gorgeous Swiss scenery helps draw the crowds to a whole range of open air events each summer, such as classical and rock and pop music festivals and the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Annual Classical Music Festival. There’s a music festival for every season, and winter only adds to the open air vibes. The ultimate Swiss après ski comes with added rock n’ roll, with open air concerts like the SnowpenAir on the Kleine Scheidegg in the Bernese Oberland.

Be it a musical event, a concert or festival Aha! Events has the groove.



Picturing a white-capped mountain and feeling a little chilly? The snowy peaks are as Swiss as yodelling, but so too are hot summers where the mercury can hit 35°C in some areas. Those Swiss mountains are not just responsible for the diversity of language and culture – they have also created a variety of local and regional microclimates. Ticino in the south has a hot, Mediterranean climate to match its Italian name, but most other areas of the country mirror the rest of central Europe. This means that nearly any time is right for exploring culture, history, food, or strapping on some skis and hitting the slopes. Summer means enjoying the country’s 1,500 lakes – from a skippered cruise aboard a luxury sailing boat to a masterclass in high-octane wakeboarding.

Switzerland provides peak excitement 365 days a year. Let Aha! Events help you reach new heights.




Switzerland is proud of its hospitality, and the welcome is just as warm at a family-run inn as it as at the famous Swiss Grand Hotels. Live like a king in a feudal castle, play the James Bond villain in a futuristic home or go for the simple life – whatever your style, there’s a place to suit you. Regional diversity means that you could find yourself skiing up to your alpine chalet in Zermatt, relaxing at a spa in Bad Ragaz or supping wine at an estate above Geneva. And if a standard hotel room seems a little too ordinary, the Swiss flair for invention makes igloos, barrels and tree-houses into cosy bedrooms.

Switzerland has a vast range of accommodations. Let Aha! Events find the perfect place for you!



Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. Basel, Zurich and Geneva airports offer flights and connections all around the globe. From European cities, Switzerland can be easily reached within a few hours by road, air or rail transport. Switzerland’s public transport system is without doubt one of the most reliable and best-organised in the world. The Swiss railway reaches every corner of the land, often in spectacular style and of course, with utmost punctuality. Thanks to the country’s tremendous scenic variety in a compact area, even short journeys can be unforgettable experiences.

By Air, Rail or Road, Aha! Events is the travel specialist.




The phrase ‘melting pot’ was made for Swiss food, and we’re not just talking about fondue. If you’re in Bern, dinner might be smoked pork with sausage and Sauerkraut; in Ticino, a delicious risotto or pasta. Wherever you are, food is a serious business. You’ll find crusty bread and preserves for breakfast, plus the world-famous muesli, and don’t forget to try some tasty Grisons air-dried meats. For cheese fans, this is nirvana. There are 450 types of Swiss cheese, made even more heavenly in fondue or raclette form.

If you’ve never tried Swiss wine before, it’s because the locals only let 1-2% leave the country for export. Mainly produced in the west and south, Swiss wine is made from over 200 types of vine, including 40 ancient, indigenous rarities. Try Fendant from the Valais, Twanner from Biel or the rare Ice Wine, aged a decade or more.


Dining Out or Catering, Aha! Events is the Swiss food connoisseur.



From Swiss Army Knives to edible gold chocolate, Switzerland has invented or perfected so many products over the years that the country has become a true shopper’s paradise. Thanks to 200 years of innovation, Switzerland has become a world leader in chocolate manufacturing, so indulge your sweet tooth in the capital of top quality treats. Other popular Swiss buys include watches and, of course, cheese.

Buzzing Swiss cities have everything you are looking for – be it high street brands, stylish exclusive boutiques, local artisans, traditional markets, simple second-hand shops or shopping malls of any size. Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich’s Old Town is one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping streets in the world, the perfect place to pick up a gift from one of the international fashion boutiques or a watch or jewellery from a top Swiss designer. Don’t forget to bring an extra bag!

Let Aha! Events be your personal shopper.